Welcome to CGCleaners

We're the only all-male cleaning and personal organizing service in New York City. Our guys are excellent cleaners—each one professional, reliable, fun…and, of course, cute.

Whether you're looking for a cleaner every week, or a guy to help around the apartment every once in a while, we've got you covered. Anyone can clean an apartment, but not everyone can make it look so good! Our guys can help you with anything you've been meaning to do or have no idea how to do...

  • Cleaning
  • Personal organizing
  • Basic handyman work
  • Furniture assembly
  • Computer/electronics set up
  • Painting
  • Moving
  • Really anything you can do with your clothes on.

We believe that having a cleaner is a little luxury that everyone should enjoy. CGCleaners, LLC is dedicated to providing the most professional, charming, and attractive cleaners you've ever met.

We are NOT your typical cleaning lady.

How We Started

The whole idea for CGCleaners started when I began cleaning apartments in Manhattan to make money during college. Over and over my clients would tell me that they actually felt more comfortable and preferred having a guy around the house, rather than a cleaning lady (for lots of reasons). Plus, they enjoyed the company and were interested in what I was doing as an actor and student.

The more I cleaned the more I realized that I could provide a unique service that no one else was offering —a spectacular cleaning from a young guy for people who wanted a professional grade cleaner.

Before I knew it I had a full list of clients and my friends were asking me how they could get involved. I decided to turn my side-job into a cleaning company: CGCleaners. All of our cleaners are students, actors, models, or young guys who are cleaning to support themselves as they pursue their dreams. When you hire a CGCleaner you are hiring more than just a good cleaner: you're choosing to support someone who is making their way up in the world.

Our guys are cute, and, yes, that's definitely a perk. But our guys are also skilled cleaners and reliable professionals who are fun to be around. We believe that having a cleaner is a little luxury that everyone should enjoy. Discover how CGCleaners can take your apartment to a whole new level of clean. Just click on our "hire a cleaner" button to set up your free consultation. We look forward to working with you!

— Evan

How It Works

Contact Us
Fill out a "hire a cleaner" request on the lower left screen, or call us at (347) 788-TIDY and we'll set up your free consultation. If you call we'll ask:
  • What is your name, contact information and apartment location?
  • What is your free consultation availability?
  • How often do you anticipate needing a CGCleaner? (once, weekly, every other week, more than once a week)
  • Your apartment size? (studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3+bedrooms)
  • What time and days of the week work best for you?
  • Would you like to schedule your first cleaning following the consultation?
Free Consultation
Once you've contacted us, we'll set up a free 20-minute consultation with a CG Cleaner and a representative from the company. This is our chance to get to know you and your apartment. More importantly, it's your opportunity to go through the details of what you would like done each visit. We'll discuss scheduling and provide an estimate.
First Cleaning
Your guy can start cleaning immediately following your consultation or return on another scheduled day. Typically your first cleaning will be a little longer than subsequent visits. Your guy can run out to purchase any needed cleaning supplies. Once he has finished, the two of you can confirm the parameters of your future schedule. (For example, every Tuesday for a maximum of 4 hours.)
Each week you will be billed for the previous week's services. There are two payment options:
  • Auto pay: We bill your credit card on file.
  • Invoicing: We email you an invoice and you pay online with your credit card.


For your first cleaning we charge our Weekly rate: $50 an hour (+tax) That's over a 40% discount off our hourly rate!

From then on our pricing is as follows:

  • Weekly Cleaning: $50 per hour (+tax)
  • Every Other Week Cleaning: $60 an hour (+tax)
  • Monthly Cleaning: $75 an hour (+tax)
  • One Time Cleaning: $80 an hour (+tax)

At any time you can change your cleaning frequency and we will adjust the hourly rate.There is no hourly minimum, no extra charge for travel, and no cancelation fees. We work around your schedule.


- Do you clean in Brooklyn or New Jersey?

Yes, depending on where you are located, we are able to send our cleaners to Brooklyn and Jersey for NO additional travel charge.

- What do the cleaners wear?

All of our guys wear what they are comfortable cleaning in. Typically they wear shorts, a T-shirt or tank top, and shoes. And no... our guys will not clean in underwear or jockstraps.

**We take the safety and well being of our guys very seriously. Sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated- payment will be collected and services will be terminated.

- How do I pay?

Paying for your guy has never been easier. We offer two payment options:

1.Credit Card- If you're the kind of person who hates having to deal with bills, you can leave a credit card on file with us and we'll take care of it. We process payment each week and email you a receipt directly. This is definitely the most convenient and popular method of payment for our clients.

2.Invoice: An email will be sent with the amount due for the previous week's cleaning and you can pay with your credit or debit card.

**If there is ever an error or discrepancy, we will refund your money or apply a credit towards your next cleaning.

- What credit cards/debit cards do you accept?

We accept:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover Network
  • American Express
  • JCB

* Please do not use any rewards cards as they are subject to a much higher processing fee.

- Can I pay in cash?

We do not accept cash payment, but Tips are always welcome and can be given directly to your guy in cash.

- Do you clean naked?

Nope. We get it, we are advertising Cute Guys Cleaning, but we are not a nude cleaning company. There is a market out there for nude services, and more power to 'em, but what we offer is spectacular cleaners, professional and personable service, and the added perk of having a cute (clothed) guy around the house. The difference between us and nude services- when our guys leave, your apartment will actually be clean!

- Why don't you bring cleaning supplies?

We have found that every client has their individual preferences about their apartment and how it is maintained. Some choose to use organic or eco-friendly products, while others prefer bleach or ammonia based cleaning solutions. We want to give you the option of using the products you like. Our guys are flexible and capable of using any products or supplies you prefer.

  • If you aren't sure what you may need, check out our list of recommended cleaning supplies and equipment:

    SUPPLIES- Windex, Multi-Surface Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Paper Towels, Sponges, Trash Bags, Swiffer Duster.

    EQUIPMENT- Gloves, Vacuum, Broom or Swiffer, Mop or Swiffer Wet Jet, Toilet Bowl Brush, Bucket.

  • Your guy can always run out and purchase supplies during your cleaning, and return with the change and a receipt.

- Do I need to be home for the cleaning?

In short, No, you do not have to be home while your guy is cleaning. However, many of our clients enjoy the company of our cleaners and do stick around while the apartment is being done.

If you'd prefer your guy to clean while you are out of the house, you can always give a spare key to your cleaner or leave it with the doorman.

- I'm a woman, can I hire a CG Cleaner?

Absolutely! Women are more than welcome.

- How long does a typical cleaning take?

Every apartment is different, but typically an apartment takes 3-4 hours. After the initial consultation your CG Cleaner will give you an estimate of how long he thinks he'll need for each cleaning.

- What if my apartment needs more or less time??

Your guy will only ever stay for the amount of time necessary to clean your apartment the way you want. If you have been away and your home only takes 2 hours instead of 4, then you will only be invoiced for 2 hours.

If you or your cleaner feel that more time is necessary, your guy will get permission beforehand and either stay longer or schedule in more time during your next cleaning. Your cleaner will never stay longer unless he has received prior permission from you to continue.

- Can I pay for a half hour?

Yes, if after two hours you decide you need more or less time, we can charge you for a half hour . Half hour rates will be half of whatever your hourly rate is.

- Are you Gay Friendly?

Absolutely! All of our guys are gay friendly and many of our clients are members of the GLBT community. Well... not so much in the "L" community, but definitely in the "G" part (they are often our best customers). We welcome all members of any community.

- My cleaner is also an actor/model, what happens if he goes out of town?

One of the exciting things about hiring a CG Cleaner is that most of our guys are also professional actors and models. In the case that your guy has to go out of town for an extended period of time for a movie, performance, or photo shoot, we will provide you with a substitute cleaner to fill in until your guy comes back to town. Bottom line, we encourage our guys to pursue their dreams, but your apartment will never be without a cleaner.

- How do I become a Cleaner?

We are always looking for qualified new cleaners. Email Contact@CGCleaners.com with your resume, picture, and a little bit about yourself and someone will get back to you right away with more information.

Contact Us

To contact us please email: Contact@CGCleaners.com
You can also reach us over the phone at
347-788-TIDY (8439)

If you are interested in becoming a CG Cleaner, send an email telling us about yourself along with a picture, resume, and past cleaning experience to Contact@CGCleaners.com

Cleaning/Personal Organizing/
Dog Walking/Computer/Electronics/ Painting/Laundry/Ironing


Nick is not only creative with his cleaning (he's been cleaning in New York for over 3 years), he's also an amazing performance artist. Wether it's Dog walking , personal organizing, or something more avant-garde...Nick's got it covered.

Cleaning/Handyman Work/ Laundry/Ironing/ Personal Shopping


In addition to being an incredible cleaner, Amaker is a Juilliard trained dancer. He's also a spectacular cook and personal shopper.

Handyman Work/Furniture Assembly/ Computer/Electronic Set Up/ Painting/Moving


Born with a powerdrill in his hand, Brando is an accomplished carpenter and handyman. Actor, dancer, cleaner, carpenter, bartender, and recovering waiter, If Brando cant clean it or fix it, he'll just build you another one!

Cleaning/Personal Organizing/
Furniture Assembly/Dog Walking/Computer/Electronics/


Master of all things IKEA, Jefferson can assemble a desk like no other. He's also an actor and entertainment blogger. If you're in need of a cleaner...and a crash course in pop-culture and good TV, Jefferson's your man.

Cleaning/Laundry/Personal Shopping/
Dog walking/ Organizing Furniture/Moving


Jeffrey has been working as a professional ballet dancer for the past two years. The only boy in his house, he became the resident handy man . From moving, cleaning, and organizing, to just reestablish the feng shui of a room he's been at it since he can remember.

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